The topic of leasing property and houses is an important one. Although there is a lot of information available for landlords, our priority was to create a website that would cover a few of what we felt were some of the most important factors that come with this. The content that we have prepared for you here is meant to act as a mini-guide to refer to concerning these topics.

The Contract

When leasing out a property of any kind no matter whether it is residential or commercial, it will require a contract which is the lease. The renting of residential property is very common. We wanted to focus on this type of property with regards to the contract that should be completed by those who are going to lease the property and the property owner. There are a lot of things that the lease should contain, and in the information that we have provided here, we highlighted some of the important segments of this type of contract.

Commercial Leases

Commercial leases are another important contract. Here we have talked about the important components of this type of lease and the clauses that it should contain.


There are a lot of common problems that can arise with tenants. We wanted to cover one of the most important ones, which is the failure of the tenant to pay rent. What we have put our attention on is the clause that should be in the contract that deals with this issue.

These are just a few of the reasons why we chose to write this blog.