Welcome to our blog! On this site you will find helpful information on not only the different types of leases, but important factors to help you successfully operate different kinds of lease agreements and comply with the necessary codes of conduct and standard practices.

Commercial Versus Household Leases

If you are considering preparing a lease agreement for either a commercial / office space, or a private household, it is important to understand the distinctions between what is required legally for the different types of agreements, as well as what additional services and features can help elevate your property. This blog will help you understand these differences and provide you with the necessary tips to ensure that your property is leased, and that you as the landlord, are sufficiently protected.

Lease Agreements

Our blog will highlight the minimum legal formalities to include in your lease agreement for commercial or household space. This will ensure that your leasing process runs smoothly, that you have complied with the relevant legal formalities, and that you as the landlord are protected.

Boosting Interest in Your Property

The rental market is flooded with properties and you to make sure that you are successful in renting your property, you need to make sure that you have those little extras’ that make your property stand out. Our blog contains various suggestions on amenities to consider as well as how to implement these extra’s to ensure that you make your property rental a success.

Complying with Standards

If this is your first time entering the property market as a landlord, you may not be aware of the obligations and standards you may need to comply with. Failing to understand these requirements could cause difficulties for you, and knowing these responsibilities upfront will help you make easy work of making your property management a success.