How to Advertise Your Rental Property

If you have a property that you would like to start renting out but you aren’t sure where to begin advertising it, here are a few tips to help you on your way.


It goes without saying that no matter what method you choose to advertise your property, you are going to need attractive photos to draw prospective tenants in. Make sure that the property is clean and nicely put together if you are taking photos while there is still furniture inside, and if possible, take photos on a clear sunny day so that the property has natural light. If you can spare the extra funds, you can even try and engage a professional photographer to take your photos.

Property Description

A colourful and thought out description, together with your attractive photos, should secure viewers for your property. Give as much detail as you can about the location of the property, such as distance to schools, shops, and other areas of interests. Then of course, make sure you give readers information as to what they can find inside the property such as appliances, internet, whether it is available furnished or not, when it is available, and other attractive features such as high ceilings and wooden flooring.

Where to Advertise

An agent would of course be the traditional route to consider. They will assist you in advertising, as well as showing your rental to potential tenants. The services of an agent do, however, come at a cost, usually a percentage of the annual rental amount.

Various websites are now available where you can advertise your private rental, such as Open Rent online.

If your property is in a popular location, you can also consider listing the property with Airbnb. This has become a well-known site used by travellers for short term rentals, and you can ask for higher rentals for vacation rentals. You can also benefit from Airbnb support.